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Good nutrition should start from the early years – it’s the foundation of good health, good learning and a good life

Childcare providers are at the forefront of shaping the next generation – their education, social skills, development and life opportunities all start here – so to should their health and nutrition.

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This new Joint award with the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland has been specially developed for childcare providers.

Through a mix of theory, workshops, practical sessions, case studies and interactive learning you’ll learn:

  • What makes healthy eating different from young children to older children and adults

  • Menu planning and how to make meals nutrient dense

  • Understand the role of nutrition in a child’s growth and development

  • The role of weaning in lifelong eating habits

  • How to prevent and manage problem eating

  • Balance the food groups for children nutrition

  • Support parents if feeding their children well

  • Manage food allergies, food intolerances and preference diets in a childcare setting

  • Prepare appropriate portion sizes

  • Develop practical healthy eating activities specifically for your setting

Who should attend?

  • Registered Childminders-we understand that your setting is very different from other childcare settings. You are operating in your own home, preparing food in your own kitchen for children of varying ages. We will tailor your training for specifically for the childminder setting.  

  • Childcare managers- include nutrition in your marketing and manage your food budgets more efficiently. Ensure your food allergy management is LEGAL!

  • Senior Childcare practitioners- be confident in discussing dietary need with parents, in managing junior staff and liaising with chefs and cooks. Devise your own nutrition education activities and parent nutrition workshops

  • Childcare practitioners- no one has more influence over a child’s eating than you- this training makes sure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to help children love to eat well.

  • Childcare cooks and chefs- you have been overlooked for too long. You are the backbone of the setting’s nutrition and healthy eating standards. This course is designed to match your passion for cooking food with nutrition.

A new joint training award 
specifically for people working in childcare: 
Food and Nutrition for
Childcare Providers

Why Early Years?

  • No one has more influence over a child’s eating habits than the people who care for them every day a child in full time childcare can have up to 6,500 meals in nursery before they 

  • A child in full time childcare could have up to 6,350 meals in nursery by the time they are five years old.

  • Childcarers often provide more nutrition to children than home carers

  • 50% of 3 years olds have some contact with a childcare provider

  • This raises to 95% of 4 years olds

  • You are trusted with every element of a child’s early development

  • Nobody knows children better then you! 

And yet………..

  • By the time children start school nearly 25% of them are already overweight

  • A further 20% are struggling to meet all their nutritional needs

  • Children eat 50% more sugar than is recommended

  • Less than 14 % eat their five a day

  • 29% of 8-12 month infants eat crisps of chocolate every day

  • Children under 5yrs consume 50% more salt than is safe

  • Unlike primary schools, there are no mandatory food standards for Early Years childcare providers.

  • Childcare provider qualifications include only limited training in children’s nutrition. There are no cooking or nutrition qualifications required to be a cook or chef in a childcare setting.

Why Out of School Clubs?

The Food and Nutrition for Childcare Providers has been designed to meet your needs too.

Out of School Care providers have a unique relationship with the children they care for. Role models, influencers and mentors. The school holidays are opportunities to spend time on projects with real meaning and learning opportunities. While many Out of School Clubs may not serve meals there are still great opportunities to run cooking clubs, Forest School Camp Fire Cooking, nutrition clubs and to liaise with other community groups to help children build a strong understanding of their health and it’s relationship with their food and dietary choices.

Lunch boxes – so many Out of School Clubs tell us about the struggle they have to influence healthier lunchboxes. Your training can help you devise a whole range of activities and interventions to influence the children to “clean up their” lunchboxes.

Holiday Hunger – whether you have kitchen facilities or want to plan a pop up kitchen or sandwich bar- we can support you with nutrition training for your setting which is specially designed to help you plan your holiday food project.

  • Training is delivered by nutrition professionals.

  • Training is from 4 hours – two full days

  • Full training syllabus available

  • All trainees receive a Joint award certificate

  • All trainees receive written reference manuals to support their learning

  • Training can be delivered locally in your setting
    * subject to numbers of attendees and suitability of venue

  • No prior nutrition qualification required

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The Foodtalk Game: a fun and informative educational board game which tests and consolidates nutrition knowledge of childcare providers working with children aged 1-5.


This team board game uses questions and scenarios designed to stimulate discussion on key topics explored in the Food and Nutrition for Childcare Providers course.


An ideal activity to take back to your setting: disseminate learning to the rest of your team in a simple, engaging way – everything you need is in the box, and course attendees receive an exclusive discount.


Learn more about The Foodtalk Game:

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Who we’ve worked with: 

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