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Nigel's professional ethos is simple:

...No gimmicks, no fads and no quick fixes

...just good, evidence based nutritional
advice to help children eat well

Nigel has supported hundreds of childcare providers and in turn thousands of children to eat well through nutrition training and by developing practical resources for use at grass roots. 


He is passionate about helping children to grow up with a healthy relationship with food and has recently developed a joint award in Nutrition for Childcare Providers with REHIS.


Around 25% of children are starting school already overweight. Other children are struggling to meet their nutritional requirements- we are essentially failing half of our children nutritionally before they even start their formal education.

It’s well documented that children’s taste preferences develop during the early years- These preferences will shape the child’s dietary choices for the rest of their lives. By the time a child goes to school it’s already too late to shape their taste preferences- we have to help children build a healthy relationship with food during the early years.

Up to 50% of 3 year olds have some contact with childcare outside of the home. This rises to 95% of four years olds. Childcare providers are, I believe the key to making a real change in the diet and health of the next generation. That’s why I specialise in supporting Childhood Childcare Providers through specially developed training, resources and initiatives to help them get it right for the children in their care. 


Nutrition in the Childhood has to fuel more rapid growth and development than the human body will go through at any other time- Yet young children’s nutritional intake is vulnerable- physical, emotional, behavioural and external influences can all impact how well a child eats from one day to another.

Childcare providers need to be all things to all people- they need to be experts in child safety, education, development and behaviour- I want to help them have the same level of expertise in food and nutrition for the children they care for.


Training is practical and specifically designed for Childcare Providers in the Early Years Sector.


Who is the Food and Nutrition for Childcare Providers Joint award for?


  • Managers

  • Senior Childcare workers

  • Childcare providers

  • Chefs/cooks


Training can be designed to meet your needs – from 4 hours to 2 day course. All certificated by REHIS and Nigel Denby

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